Compassionate Mind Therapy (CMT)

A lot of people find it really hard to take good care of themselves. Some people find it hard to see themselves as valuable enough to feed themselves well or to take time to do things that they enjoy, feeling that they should always put other people first. Others have been made to feel worthless, perhaps by neglectful parents or by an abusive or dominating partner.

Compassionate Mind Therapy (or Compassion Focussed Therapy) provides a model for helping us to understand how the brain grows and adapts to the emotional environment a person finds themselves in. Some people do not grow up or live in situations where they are helped to learn to respect themselves or soothe themselves when they feel distressed. Therapy can help to address issues where this lack of ability to self-soothe is a key problem.

Sarah McDonald, Clinical Psychologist

DClinPsy MPH MA(Psychology)
Fully insured with PPS
Registered with the Health Care Professionals Council (PYL17796)

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