Initial meeting – £60 for one hour
Assessments can vary in length, and may be 1-4 hours long, to be agreed

When I meet with you, we will have some time to assess your difficulties. Out of respect for you and your well-being, I may feel that I am not able to offer you as much support as you need, such as if you are severely traumatised, if you have an eating disorder where your physical health is in serious danger, if you are in a situation of domestic violence or danger, or if you are actively harming yourself or are at high risk of suicide. I would spend some time with you helping you to work out what alternative services would be better placed to meet your needs.

In assessment, I will ask you a number of questions about your past and your present. You are free to decide what or how much you want to tell me. I will keep notes of our assessment and work together, and I will store these in a locked filing cabinet in line with the Data Protection Act. I will ask you for the name and contact details of someone who I can contact if I am not able to reach you or should circumstances arise where I need to ensure you will be supported by someone else between our sessions. I will also ask you to provide details of your GP.

A thorough assessment is important for me to get to know you and the difficulties you are currently facing. You are the expert on you; through assessment, I will be pulling together your expertise on yourself with my knowledge on clinical psychology, in order to propose a framework for us to work with in therapy.

Sarah McDonald, Clinical Psychologist

DClinPsy MPH MA(Psychology)
Fully insured with PPS
Registered with the Health Care Professionals Council (PYL17796)

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