Welcome to my website. Let me cover the important part about my qualifications first. I am a qualified Clinical Psychologist, having completed my Doctor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Sheffield in 2008. I am registered with the Health and Care Professionals Council. You can check my registration on their website www.hpc-uk.org/check/ Рand if you decide to seek therapy with another professional, I recommend that you use this check to make sure that your therapist is fully registered.

I am a Master of Public Health, a member of the Health At Every Size network, a Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy practitioner and an experience, patient therapist in working alongside anyone tackling the pressures their thoughts and feelings, or the pressures other people and the world, place upon them.

If I could remove two words from the English language, they would be ‘should’ and ‘must’. Our daily lives and the way many of us speak to others (and to ourselves) are littered with shoulds and musts. And, as a result, our lives are then littered with impossible goals, endless striving, and intense pressure. Yet when do we stop and ask why we believe we ‘should’ or ‘must’ be or do certain things? Where does this pursuit lead to? If it lead to success, happiness and fulfilment, then why are the people driven by should and must often anxious, depressed, exhausted and depleted?

You are OK. You deserve to allow yourself to be OK. You are worthy. You are loveable. You can find peace. You can handle life.

If you need some help to really start to feel and believe these things, I’m here to help.


I am a qualitative researcher and I currently work as a Lecturer at Nottingham Trent University. My main area of research is in eating disorders, and I also do research concerned with implementation science. I am interested in the evaluation of new interventions and schemes to improve wellbeing, and in evaluating how such schemes are implemented. I have a pragmatic focus; my aim is to keep adding to our knowledge of what works best, for whom and how it can be best implemented.

Sarah McDonald, Clinical Psychologist

DClinPsy MPH MA(Psychology)
Fully insured with PPS
Registered with the Health Care Professionals Council (PYL17796)

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